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  • Team Creation

    Build your dream team by selecting players from real-life professional sports leagues. Use your knowledge, strategy, and instincts to assemble a winning lineup.

  • Scoring and Rankings

    Watch as your team accumulates points based on player performances. Climb the leaderboard and vie for top rankings within your chosen leagues.

  • Interaction

    Engage with other participants through chat features, forums, and social media integrations. Share insights, strategies, and celebrate victories together.

  • Community Engagement

    Connect with a vibrant community of sports enthusiasts, share experiences, and forge lasting friendships.

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User-Friendly Interface

Navigate our intuitive platform with ease, whether you’re a seasoned fantasy veteran or a newcomer to the game.

Multi-Sport Support

Enjoy a diverse selection of sports leagues, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and more, all within a single platform.

Secure Registration and Verification

Sign up securely with your email address and undergo OTP verification to ensure a safe and trustworthy gaming environment.

Real-Time Player Updates

Stay informed with real-time updates on player performance, injuries, and other key developments impacting your fantasy team.


Welcome to Rising Sports Network, your premier destination for immersive fantasy sports experiences. Founded by a team of passionate sports enthusiasts, our platform is designed to ignite the competitive spirit within every fan. At Rising Sports Network, we believe that sports transcend mere entertainment; they are a source of camaraderie, excitement, and endless possibilities. With this ethos at our core, we’ve created a space where fans can come together to unleash their strategic prowess, build dream teams, and vie for glory in a virtual arena. Our commitment to integrity is unwavering. Through stringent verification processes and a steadfast Policy, we ensure that every participant enjoys a level playing field.

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Dean K

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“Rising Sports Network has completely transformed my fantasy sports experience. The platform is easy to use, the competition is fierce, and the community is incredibly supportive. Thanks to Rising Sports Network, I’ve rediscovered my passion for sports gaming!”

Jackson T

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“As someone who values integrity, I’m thrilled to have found Rising Sports Network. Their strict Policy ensures that every participant plays by the rules, creating a level playing field for all. Finally, a fantasy sports platform I can trust!”

Milo G

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“I can’t get enough of Rising Sports Network! From building my dream team to competing in thrilling challenges, every moment is packed with excitement. Plus, the interactive features and vibrant community make the experience even more enjoyable. Highly recommend to any sports fan!”

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How are points calculated in fantasy sports on Rising Sports Network?